UNMS - UPS Network Management Software

UNMS - UPS Network Management Software

Central Management of Network and Remote Monitoring EmailTrap®
of UPS Systems, Battery Systems, Environmental Sensors, Alarm Contacts
and other Alarm and Measuring Devices!

Customizable, User Configurable Graphical Interface!

With powerful graphical editor to design individual main- & subpages & redundancy management
With state of health overview and network scanning for new devices
With UPS redundancy management and SNMP support for 3rd party products
For a secure remote monitoring of all your products without compromising the IT security
With reporting function (PDF creator) of management reports for every object

Web-serve based, customisable software for the parallel graphical monitoring of multiple UPS and other network devices. This software shows the current status of several UPSMAN installations, CS141 or BACS WEBMANAGERs, SITEMONITOR, SITEMANAGER, SENSORMANAGER via the network, using TCP/IP or SNMP or EMailTrap.

The 9-user version of UNMS which is coming with every UPSMAN suite license now also communicates with SNMP cards from APC, EATON, SOCOMEC, RIELLO, MGE, MASTERGUARD, CHLORIDE, EMERSON, GE, MITSUBISHI, TOSHIBA, MEGATEC, HUAWEI, DELTA and many other RFC1628 SNMP devices. Limited to 3 SNMP cards per UPSMAN licensed 9-user UNMS – 6 devices must be a GENEREX product.

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