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BACS Bus Converter V

- Only for authorized BACS Reseller -
Converter for BACS WEBMANAGER BUDGET for galvanic isolation of the BACS C2x modules (C2x, C3x, C4x) and converting the Ethernet BACS bus signals to RS232. This device is also recommended as a programming tool for BACS service and installation personnel. For using WINDOWS BACS programmer software a BACS Bus Converter 2 or 3 is required. Through the MINI-8 port a special cale (included in the package) for the BACS PROGRAMMER software for Windows that is the tool to adress BACS modules in larger installations. The BUS_CONVI_V is included in BACSKIT_B and BACS_KIT_BSC, it is not included in BACSKIT_BII and BACSKTRAS. NEW: Including UPS service cable for BACS WindowsTools. BACS_CON_V is equipped with 1 Alarm contact, 1 Alarm Buzzer, 1 Alarm LED and Internal Real Time Clock for installations without network to synchronize with Internet timeservers. Available with EU, US or UK power supply!